Skrtel Sympathizes With Team Mate Balotelli

Amidst huge criticisms about continuous underperformance, Mario Balotelli seems to have at least one strong supporter. He is none other than his Liverpool mate Martin Skrtel & the star defender has extended his sympathy and support for the striker whole heartedly.

The Italian striker has not been able to come up with a goal in Barclays League post his sign-up with the Reds under a huge 16 mn pounds deal last August.  His very luckless run even continued till last Saturday, throwing him into severe sparks of criticism from varied quarters.

Balotelli was never the worst footballer on pitch & his dedicated display extended some encouragement post his highly criticized endeavors in recent weeks.  However, his shirt swapping in the half-time of Real Madrid match once again got the spotlight on him. His underperformance with goals were highlighted again & while Jakupovic (Eldin) denied the player at point-blank, it commanded several headlines.

In fact, a bookmaker even ridiculed the Italian striker’s lack of outcome which was not only cheap but mean as well.

However, the Italian has got his defence in fellow teammate Skrtel.

“He’s working really hard & did come up with some great moments”, said Martin. “I am really feeling sorry for the guy. He’s working really hard, both in the training room & in game. It’s just that he hasn’t been able to come up with goals. We do believe in the guy. We would be  there in his support and hoping hard that he gets to bounce back with his usual goal scorer self.”

The Reds’ performance has been tad patchy yet they were able to come up with some spectacular spells, especially in the 1st & final 15 minutes- & the Italian striker was at fore.  He was able to bring a fantastic early save in the Hull match.

Everton Struggling Already

Everton has certainly not kicked off the Premier League in the best possible way as the squad will have to cope without having one of their star players available to play for an unknown period of time. During the previous season of the Premier League, Everton managed to secure the 5th spot and this time around fans and players of the club were hoping that they could squeeze their way into the Champions League positions but this task has become even more difficult without having the services of Ross Barkley.

The opening match of the season for Everton saw them having to settle with 1 point when they locked horns against the champions of the Championship League, Leicester City. This wasn’t the way that Roberto Martinez wanted his team to start the season but the manager of Everton is optimistic about Ross Barkley’s recovery as the coach revealed details concerning the condition of his star player.

Roberto Martinez communicated via Everton’s official website and said: “His knee has reacted really well to treatment. The length that Ross will be out is a little uncertain at the moment and it could be anything between the eight weeks that we mentioned or a little further. Until the end of the week, or probably the next 10 days, we won’t know how the knee is progressing and how quickly Ross can be back.”

Rumors are already being spread around stating that Roberto Martinez is taking into consideration signing another midfielder that could replace Ross Barkley until he completes his recovery with Lewis Holtby of Tottenham Hotspur turning into a target.

Lewis Holtby is a young midfielder who has not been able to make an impact with Tottenham ever since he joined the club on January of 2013 and the German player is now turning a viable target for Roberto Martinez.